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Welcome to Hotel Alberi del Paradiso

Hotel Alberi del Paradiso Garden in CefaluOn the edge of the town, sun-drenched Via dei Mulini winds its way up among olive trees and orange groves that skirt the stream and the small canal that, for centuries, have fed the water mills that follow one another along the ridge. Today, three of these mills lie within the hotel's gardens.
Cool Mediterranean gardens, in the centre of the Gulf of Cefalu: to the west the Santa Lucia promontory, crystal-clear water and cliffs reddened by sunsets; to the east the "Rocca", the symbol of the town, which rises above the 12th century Norman Cathedral. In spring you might feel dazed by the fragrance of the jasmine and the pittosporum and by the melodies coming from the gurgle of the stream, from the foliage of the poplar trees and from the birds that populate the garden. From this enchanting spot you can see the palm trees and centuries old carob trees growing in front of the Norman Cathedral, which is silhouetted against the intense azure of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The buildings, the colour and material of Sicilian landscapes, with their vernacular architecture and simple elements, remind you of the predominant styles of the island's history.


All the activities of Alberi del Paradiso have been quality controlled by an integrated Quality Management System and Environmental Management Certification UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001.

Alberi del Paradiso has been certified by Legambiente Tourism. Furthermore, the hotel was presented with the "Climate Friendly Hotel” award for the two-year period 2009/2010; award that was bestowed only on two other Italian hotels.

Alberi del Paradiso has been awarded the European Community Ecolabel.

Hotel Alberi del Paradiso and its environment.
Well aware of how important a responsible environmental policy is today, we have initiated a programme to safeguard the environment by reducing waste and the use of chemicals, and by limiting the consumption of water and electricity.
When renovating the hotel we used, to the best of our ability, the colours and materials of our natural surroundings while planting regional flora in our gardens. Efficient insulation systems were employed in walls, roofs and fixtures, and energy saving electrical, water, heating and cooling systems were installed. The hotel was also fitted with structures that curb noise and reduce the emission of gases into the atmosphere.
Furthermore, a photovoltaic power system was installed over the hotel’s car park to produce 40 Kw of electricity, but further improvements have been designed and will be completed in the very near future.
Finally, we have pledged to equip the hotel with everything necessary, both from a technical and an organisational standpoint, to reduce pollution and improve the environment as regards emissions into the atmosphere, waste and its disposal and the best use of natural resources such as water and energy.

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