«Wandering, thus I found myself
at the prelude, at the epiphany,
at the shining, magnificent door
that would let imagination
fly to Palermo or Cordoba,
Grenade, Byzantium or Baghdad.
I found myself in Cefalù…
It was, in the clear April or, 
maybe, September sunsets,
a golden silhouette of a head,
that fortress above the sea.»

Vincenzo Consolo

Hotel Alberi del Paradiso


On the edge of the town, the sun-drenched Via dei Mulini winds its way up among olive trees and orange groves; it shapes the stream of the small canal that for centuries has fed the water mills chasing one another along the line of the cost. Today, three of these mills lie within the Hotel’s gardens.

Camere Hotel Alberi del Paradiso


Sicilian hospitality and elegant design is to be found in every room. They are all bright, intimate and with exclusive details. All of them have a beautiful view and were styled with meticulous care by S. & A.M. Associated Architects.